As the largest international nanotechnology event held in Korea, NANO KOREA serves as an arena of opportunity where you can check out the latest nanotechnology research achievements in one place. In the NANO KOREA Symposium, about 150 prestigious scholars and experts from Korea and other countries are scheduled to give lectures and presentations. Please check out the current state and future trends of state-of-the-art nanotechnology in NANO KOREA.

  • [Plenary Session] In plenary sessions, prestigious Korean and foreign scholars are invited to discuss and exchange views on the current state and development challenges of key nanotechnologies.
  • [Technical Session] In technical sessions, nanotechnology experts from the U.S., Europe, Asia and other regions of the world are invited to provide lectures and present their latest research achievements in the form of an oral or poster presentation.
  • [Public Session] Public sessions are designed to introduce cases of applying nanotechnology in our daily life as well as the upcoming future to the general public, including the youth.
  • [Satellite Session] This program is designed to address fields that are covered by the Technical Sessions and to provide an opportunity for exchange among experts in the field of nanotechnology.
  • [Banquet] A networking program to celebrate the hosting of NANO KOREA Symposium and give Korean and foreign experts an opportunity for exchange
  • [Best Poster Awards] This award ceremony aims to promote the development of nanotechnologies and boost the morale of researchers by selecting researchers who have published excellent research results.

※ Please contact the Symposium Secretariat (82-2-574-6209 or 82-2-573-6210) for details on the Symposium.