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No Country Company Booth Major Item Reservation
245 Korea BlueSys Co., Ltd
Thermoelectric Application, Measurement Preparation
244 Korea FTLAB co., LTD.
Radon Sensor, Radon Detector, Smart Gas Detector, Smart Sensor Device Preparation
243 Korea Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Preemptive system for on-site foodborne pathogens detection Preparation
242 Korea mentech co., Ltd
Industrial pressure sensor Preparation
241 China Kunming Natai Technology Co., Ltd
Nano carbon materials & Buckypaper Preparation
240 Korea Precision Diamond Co., Ltd.
Diamond coated tools, TAB tool Preparation
239 Korea KAIST
MEMS Preparation
238 Korea SOPHUSTONE inc.
Superhydrophobic Nano coating materials Preparation
237 Korea Korea Electronics Technology Insitute
Microsensors Preparation
236 Iran Nano Structured Coatings
Vacuum Coating systems Preparation