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No Country Company Booth Major Item Reservation
342 Korea webvista R13
homepage Preparation
341 Iran Artash Composite R13
Copper alumina Nano composite + Spot welding electrode tips + Submerged arc welding Preparation
340 Korea Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science W36
Establishment of National Measurement Standards, Research and Development of Measurement Technologies, Dissemination of Measurement Standards Preparation
339 Korea Chang sung Corporation W36
Magnetic powder cores, conductive pastes, metal powders, functional films, graphene ink Preparation
338 Korea SOMO ENERGY & TECH. Co., Ltd. W36
Thermal Imaging Total Solution Preparation
337 Korea PEACH Co. Ltd W36
retro-reflection thin film, high hardness thin film Preparation
336 Korea TELTRON INC. W36
Microwave motion sensor, real time ATP meter etc. Preparation
335 Korea HCTM CO.,LTD. W36
Inhalation Toxicity Chamber System Preparation
334 Korea MINDSEYE. CO,LTD W36
Automated Inspection Equipment Preparation
333 Korea RN2 Technologies W36
nano ferrite, electromagnetic wave absorber Preparation


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