Booth Types

Shell scheme booth

  • Exhibition area(3mX3m) will be provided.
  • Items to be provided
    • Booth walls, signs, floor carpets
    • Information desks + foldable chairs + trash bins (regardless of the booth scale, 1set will be provided per participant)
    • Sockets(2 units) + 1kW power supply

    ※ Upper booth design can be changed later.

Raw space booth

  • Only the exhibition area will be provided. Participants(Exhibitors) have to design and construct the booth.

※ More than 2 booths should be requested

Participation Fees

Regular Application


Category Early Bird A Early Bird B Regular
Application Period




Booth Type Shell scheme booth Raw space booth Shell scheme booth Raw space booth Shell scheme booth Raw space booth
Non-Membership 2,376 1,936 2,430 1,980 2,700 2,200
Membership (USD) 2,112 1,760 2,160 1,800 2,400 2,000
Discount Rate




  • 1) General participation: Companies participating in NANO KOREA EXHIBITION for the first time
  • 2) Member participation: Companies satisfying one or more of the following conditions
    • Member of Nano Technology Research Association
    • Exhibitor in NANO KOREA 2021 or 2022(Including concurrent exhibitions)
    • Participants in Nano Technology T2B Business