NANO KOREA is a forum for opportunity to lead your business to success. This year, we have created an optimal business environment by running specialized business programs for various purposes including product and technology trading, joint research and development, and attraction of investment and also by inviting a large number of major Korean and overseas buyers. We hope that you will join the business programs of NANO KOREA to achieve practical business results.

  • [Product Trade Consultation Meetings]

    Business consultation meetings aimed at trading new technologies and products between exhibitors and buyers invited from large companies and SMEs in and out of Korea

  • [Industry-Academic-Research Consultation Meetings]

    Consultation meetings to discuss technology transfer, licensing, and joint research and development between prestigious Korean universities/research centers and representatives from Korean and overseas companies

  • [Investment Consultation Meetings]

    Consultation meetings to cooperate for the purpose of attracting investment between companies seeking investment and investors (investment companies, venture capitals, individual investors)

  • [Exhibitor Presentations]

    A conference designed to give exhibitor companies an opportunity to publicize their superior technologies and products